The end of COVID-19 NOTAM in Ukraine 15.06.2020

UKBB, UKKK, UKLL, UKOO, UKDD, UKHH and other airports open their gates

We are pleased to welcome your company at all our
locations in Ukraine, namely UKBB, UKKK, UKLL, UKOO,
UKDD, UKHH and others.

Ukrainian government has announced about the next stage of
restrictions softening with current NOTAM change as of
15th June. We expect to have 24/7 airport working hours
with no limitation as of now. The passengers must of course
follow all the procedures, and each flight will be subject
to consideration by the CAA according to passenger nationality
and applicable passenger requirements.

Our team have stayed united and inspired to handle your aircraft and
provide your crew wih highest level of dedication and hospitability.
We have had enough time to develop new comfortable procedures.
Our apron staff do their best for your safety and smooth flight

List of airports in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

Phone: +380(48)7192370
Fax: +380(48)7192371