COVID-19 restrictions applied: foreign citizens are forbidden to enter Ukraine

Ukraine COVID NOTAM September 2020

A3221/20 NOTAMR A3219/20
Q) UKXX/QAFXX/IV/NBO/E/000/999/4748N03112E999
A) UKBV UKDV UKFV UKLV UKOV B) 2009101354 C) 2009272100

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
#791 of September 02, 2020 - foreigners and stateless persons are
prohibited from entering the territory of Ukraine, except for those
who are:

  • one of the spouses, parents, children, grandmother or grandfather of a citizen of Ukraine
  • arriving in Ukraine for the purpose of education in the higher education institutions
  • undergoing military service in the armed forces
  • permanently or temporarily living on the territory of Ukraine and have a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit
  • recognized as refugees or persons in need of additional protection
  • having a work permit for foreigners and stateless persons
  • employees of diplomatic missions and consular institutions of foreign countries
  • representations of official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine and their families
  • heads and members of official delegations of foreign states
  • employees of international organizations, as well as persons accompanying them, and enter Ukraine at the invitation of the President of Ukraine, the Parliament of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • persons who are arriving at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • drivers and/or crew members of freight vehicles, buses engaged in regular transportation
  • crew members of aircraft, ships and river vessels, members of train and locomotive crews
  • instructors of the armed forces of NATO-members states and NATO-partnership for peace program who participate in training events for units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or arriving at the invitation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
  • cultural figures who arrive at the invitation of a cultural institution together with one person accompanying each of them
  • arriving to participate in official sports competitions held on the territory of Ukraine and their accompanying persons
  • technical specialists arriving in Ukraine at the invitation of representatives of Ukrainian enterprises
  • persons who carry out the transportation of hematopoietic stem cells for transplantation
  • persons arrive for treatment in health care institutions of Ukraine
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    and applicable passenger requirements.

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